Welcome to the website of the
hih – health innovation hub
of the Federal Ministry of Health.

As a neutral platform, the hih fosters the dialogue of all relevant stakeholders and bundles innovative forces in the healthcare sector – for the benefit of the patients.

Patients, caregivers, doctors in private practice, hospitals, relatives – they all already benefit from digitizing the healthcare system. In fact, today only a fraction of the technological potential is used.

The task of the health innovation hub is to further explore the possibilities of digitization and to develop ideas and concepts for the design of care and for the digital transformation. The focus is on the networking of all stakeholders as well as the social relevance and acceptance.

“Gesundheit 2025” (Health 2025) combines solidarity and empathy with the utmost in organizational and technological innovation.

The health innovation hub

  • Identifies eHealth solutions for a better healthcare
  • evaluates the benefit of digital solutions
  • accompanies further development of innovative digital applications
  • supports integration into the standard medical care
  • builds bridges between start-ups and established stakeholders

Our call-to-action

The hih team has been referred to as “truffle hogs” or as an “ideas-hoover”. It is true that we identify an outstanding idea and make it even better with the help of our expertise.

We are sparring partners and implementation supporters both for the stakeholders and for the innovators, who use digital concepts to provide direct benefits for healthcare.

Our main topics

  • Electronic patient record (“ePA”)
  • Digitization in nursing
  • Interoperability / Data formats
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications
  • Digital Apps & Fast Track
  • Medical Data Donation
  • Evaluation of digital applications

Our team

The hih team sees itself as a sparring partner and implementation supporter for the Ministry of Health as well as for stakeholders and innovators who use digital concepts to provide direct benefits for patients and health professionals.

Our topics reflect our expertise:

  • Dr. med. Jörg F. Debatin, MBA 
    Chairman hih
  • Claudia Dirks
    Head of communications
  • Nataliya Bogdanova-Dochev
    Senior Event Manger
  • Dr. Henrik Matthies
    Managing Director
  • Lars Roemheld
    Director AI & Data
  • Dr. med. Kai Heitmann
    Director Interoperability
  • Julia Hagen
    Director Regulatory & Politics
  • Jan Brönneke
    Director Law & Economics Health Technologies
  • Dr. med. Philipp Stachwitz
    Director Medical Care
  • Dr. jur. Philipp Kircher
    Medical Law, Data Protection  & Information Security
  • Eckhard Oesterhoff
    Director Hospital Care
  • Claudia Zylka
    Team assistence
  • Ralf König
    Director Pharmacy


How we want to make an impact

Patients, practitioners, nurses, hospitals, relatives – they all benefit from digitization in healthcare. Nevertheless, so far too many options remain unused.

The health innovation hub will accelerate the digital transformation in the German healthcare system for the benefit of the patients. Our task is to early identify innovations, to evaluate their benefits, and to promote their implementation in standard medical care. It is important to make the patient journey through diagnostic and therapeutic activities simpler and more efficient across existing sector boundaries. The focus is on solutions that noticeably improve the everyday lives of patients and healthcare professionals.


My illness, my DNA, my therapy, my prevention. But also: my right to use of data around our healthcare. Medicine will be personalized in the coming years – Game changer will be the person who knows how to use the possibilities of digitization.